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So your big day is coming up!

Date decided, venue booked. You need a photographer... But what is it you are looking for in a photograph? What separates one photographer from another?


In my opinion, every photographer should be able to deliver sharp, correctly exposed and well composed photographs.

What makes us different is our style and persona. Take a look through their portfolio and see if their images as a whole appeal to you. When I receive feed back, being friendly and making people feel comfortable is just as important as delivering a great set of images.

Personally I enjoy capturing real moments as they happen. Weddings are always full of emotion and moments in time you will want to capture forever.

Every wedding I shoot will include pre wedding consultations. These are important as they give us an opportunity to plan out the day, note all the important details and discuss any special requests. They also provide an opportunity to get to know each other.

I also edit all your images and re-touch all your photos. This is where I adjust your images after they have been taken. In this stage I perfect all your colour adjustments, check contrast and have the opportunity to create black and white images. This often takes more time than the wedding day itself.

All images will be put on a USB stick and your very own password protect online gallery for six months. Here you and your loved ones will be able to view and download them quickly and easily at no extra cost.

To see my wedding portfolio click here.

For more details or to check availability, get in touch by clicking here.

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